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Weak Against: -

Immune To: -

The Treasure Mantis, as I have taken the liberty of calling this magnificent beast, is an extraordinary fire breathing giant Mantis Shrimp. It has been last seen near the Turtle Islands and is probably inhabiting one of the murky caves in the area.

In-Game Description


Treasure Mantis drops one spell from each of the following.

  • Healing Circle or Large Healing Circle
  • Death Circle, Frost Spray, Fire Totem, Cursed Meteor Shower, or Poison Flower
  • Small Fireball, Frost Shard, Death Bolt, or Electric Bolt


The Mantis spits green pools of acid onto the ground where you stand. Their landing spots are indicated by green shadows and follow after one another in quick succession. The Mantis begins this attack by retching repeatedly as it spits the acid into the air. After the pools, the Mantis shoots a beam of fire that sets the floor ablaze. The acid pools are highly flammable and explode if the fire touches them.