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Hit enemies with magic. Do not hit friends.
  • To assist in avoiding hitting friends, turn on Invert Friendly Fire, then you (or that pesky other player) deals damage to themselves.

Hit enemies with elements they are weak to, or at least elements they aren't immune to.

  • Fire enemies are weak to ice attacks.
  • Ice enemies are weak to fire attacks.
  • Life enemies are weak to death attacks.
  • Death enemies are weak to life attacks.
  • Lightning enemies are weak to steam attacks.
  • Steam enemies are weak to lightning attacks.
  1. Some enemies have auras around them that grant them immunity to specific elements. You can break these auras by using other elements or melee them for instant damage.
  2. Kite! Many enemies can only hurt you if they get close to you. Don't let them.
  3. Some spells do more damage the farther they travel. Be sure to use your spells at their optimal range.
  4. Blinking (teleporting a short distance) can give you some room to breathe or let you escape when cornered.
  5. Jump! Many attacks can be dodged by jumping. Jumping will increase your life expectancy dramatically.
  6. Healer - Defeat healers first so your effort isn't wasted.

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