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Collectible blue quills found scattered throughout the world. Except for boss levels, every level contains five hidden quills. Collecting enough of them unlocks additional staves. Collecting a quill refills the player's stamina bar.

Unlocks[ | ]

30 Quills - The Staff of Serenity

45 Quills - The Searing Staff

60 Quills - The Rimy Icicle

75 Quills - The Occultist's Staff

90 Quills - The Copper Rod

105 Quills - Nim's Boreal Broom

120 Quills - The Staff of Quackening

Trivia[ | ]

Level 14: Endless Snowbanks contains a sixth quill due to a glitch caused from when one of the level's quills was moved in a previous patch.[1]

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