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Nine Parchments is fantasy action RPG by Frozenbyte, hailing from Finland. Players join in to a hunt for a lost pack of magical spells - set in in the world of "Trine".

Game features[ | ]

  • Wield the power of the elements and master a diverse and ever-changing arsenal of spells
  • Unlock new playable characters, wizard hats and magical staves
  • Level up and train your characters in the magical arts, but choose your path wisely!
  • Battle strange creatures and mighty bosses in a breathtakingly beautiful world, set in the Trine universe
  • Online and local co-op with 1-4 players [1]
  • 32 levels

Language support[ | ]

  • English (Interface, Full Audio, Subtitles)
  • French, Italian, German, Spanish (Interface and Subtitles)

Soundtrack[ | ]

Player community[ | ]

Release information[ | ]

Nine Parchments released December 5, 2017. An update that added a new playable character Selius Heatherwood and a new game mode Astral Challenges was released June 7, 2018.


  • PC:
    • Steam ( Windows)
    • GOG
    • Humble Store
  • PS4
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch

Sources[ | ]

  1. Press-kit