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Quests are available in certain levels and will unlock a corresponding character upon first completion. Gilded characters are unlocked through these quests when the game is played on Hardcore difficulty, with the exception of Gilded Cornelius and Selius's Shadow.

Quests[ | ]

Title Level Unlocks
A Stroll Through Meadows Level 21: The Hot Pools Gilded Gislan
The Trial of Fire Marvek the Torrid and Gilded Marvek
The Trial of Ice 14. Endless Snowbanks Carabel the Glacial and Gilded Carabel
A Midnight Summoning Rudolfus the Strange and Gilded Rudolfus
A Robotic Rescue Mission The Mechanical Owl and Gilded Owl
Advanced Box Magic 29. How About a Cart Ride? Amadeus the Wizard and Gilded Amadeus
Vandalism at the Academy 32. This Accursed Academy! Nim the Cleaner and Gilded Nim