Nine Parchments Wiki

Quests are available in certain levels and will unlock a corresponding character upon first completion. Gilded characters are unlocked through these quests when the game is played on Hardcore difficulty, with the exception of Gilded Cornelius and Selius's Shadow.


Title Level Unlocks
A Stroll Through Meadows 21. The Hot Pools Gilded Gislan
The Trial of Fire Marvek the Torrid and Gilded Marvek
The Trial of Ice 14. Endless Snowbanks Carabel the Glacial and Gilded Carabel
A Midnight Summoning Rudolfus the Strange and Gilded Rudolfus
A Robotic Rescue Mission The Mechanical Owl and Gilded Owl
Advanced Box Magic 29. How About a Cart Ride? Amadeus the Wizard and Gilded Amadeus
Vandalism at the Academy 32. This Accursed Academy! Nim the Cleaner and Gilded Nim