Nine Parchments Wiki

Adventure[ | ]

No Title Title (German) Sidequests
1 A Wizarding Examination
2 The Sand in Your Shoes
3 Don't Forget Beachwear
4 Seafood, Anyone?
5 Wizards Don't Tan
6 Seashells for Luck
7 The Nightfall Resort
8 Suddenly, An Arena
9 To the Tundra!
10 Dusk Falls on the Tundra Save Snowman for Carabel the Glacial
11 Shivering Steps Maverk's Kindling Staff
12 The Icefalcon's Crest
13 Colder by the Hourglass The Shivering Steps/The Trial of Fire
14 Endless Snowbanks Endloser Schnee The Trial of Ice
15 The Frozen Sea
16 The Glacial Den
17 The Descent to Spring Valley
18 The Loveliness of Trees
19 Spring Twilight
20 The Silk Tree Grove
21 The Hot Pools A Stroll Through Meadowns
22 Meandering Paths
23 Salve Springs
24 The Hollow Reef
25 A Holiday in the Highlands
26 Keep Your Guard up!
27 Through Evergreen Dales
28 The Chimerical Corridor
29 How About a Cart Ride? Advanced Box Magic
30 The Marsh on Your Hemline Moonlight Shining
31 Thunderous Mountains Robotic Rescue
32 This Accursed Academy! Clean Graffiti

Arena[ | ]

1. Examination Island

2. Astral Dungeons

3. The Dire Peak

4. The Icebound Court

5. The Fountain of Wonder

6. The Crystalline Quarry