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It seemed like a perfect time to focus on finding new accessories.
~ The Narrator

Hats are cosmetic items used to personalize your character's appearance. Each character has three obtainable hats that are designed to match their outfit. There are additional hats beyond the three per character. Most hats have a chance of being obtained from treasure chests, which can drop a single hat randomly. If you find a hat you have already unlocked, the hat is converted into experience for your current character. Playing on harder difficulties can also give access to unlocking hats that would otherwise be unobtainable.[1]

There are four rarities: common, uncommon, rare, and legendary. Common and uncommon hats can be found in any level and on any difficulty, while rare and legendary hats can only be found on hard and hardcore difficulty. Some hats do not fit any of these categories, and instead can only be found on specific boss levels. As the player progresses through the game, the pool of hats that can be obtained from chests increases.[2] Once the player has played through hardcore mode at least once, they will have access to the chance of obtaining every hat.

Cornelius's Hats[]

Cornelius's Hat

The Cornflower Hat

The Forest-Green Hat

Gislan's Hats[]

Gislan's Circlet

The Circlet of Serenity

The Circlet of Alcyon

Marvek's Hats[]

Marvek's Hat

The Ash-Covered Hat

3rd Hat

Carabel's Hats[]

Carabel's Comb

The Rime-Covered Shard

The Eventide Shard

Rudolfus's Hats[]

Rudolfus's Hat

An Occultist's Hat

The Crescent Moon Hat

The Mechanical Owl's Hats[]

Owl's Bright Idea

Owl's Copper Fascinator

Owl's Wolfram Fascinator

Nim's Hats[]

Nim's Woolly Hat

The Boreal Woolly Hat

Demented Woolly Hat

Amadeus's Hats[]

The Travel-Worn Hat

2nd Hat

The Night-Blue Hat

Selius's Hats[]

Selius's Coronet

A Heavy Coronet

Heatherwood Coronet


The Castaway's Coronet

The Tempest Tiara

The Serpent Headdress

The Horns of Highlands

Fluffy Yuletide Cap

Crown of Anastasis

Gilded Halo

Professor Butternut's Hats

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