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Gislan of Alcyon is a witch in Nine Parchments.

By the groves of Alcyon, we will find those Parchments!
~ Gislan of Acylon

Favourite spell: Poison Flower

There is something satisfying about planting flowers, and Gislan does not discriminate when it comes to what kind of flowers are in question.

Gislan is the youngest member of a coven of verdant witches. She hails from Alcyon, the sacred island of trees, and was sent to the Astral Academy as part of an exchange program – the witches share their knowledge of the verdant healing arts with one of the wizards in exchange for the wisdom imparted upon Gislan at the Academy.

Gislan's journey in the wizarding world so far has left her cynical and homesick, but she cannot leave the Astral Academy before completing her spellbook. However, something strange has just happened in the Academy Library — there might be an opportunity to Seize the Moment, and Gislan might return home sooner than she’d anticipated…

Developer Description[1]

Variants: Gislan of Alcyon, The Exchange Student, The Autumn Witch, Gilded Gislan

Starting Spells[ | ]

Gislan of Acylon:[ | ]

  • Small Life Circle
  • Lighting Spray
  • Death Beam

The Exchange Student:[ | ]

  • Large Life Circle
  • Frost Cloud
  • Lighting Beam

The Autumn Witch:[ | ]

  • Touch Heal
  • Healing Spray
  • Lighting Bolt

Gilded Gislan:[ | ]

  • Touch Heal
  • Ice Barrage
  • Fire Barrage

Gislan's Staves[ | ]

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