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Nine Parchments is a co-operative blast 'em up game of magical mayhem from Frozenbyte! Runaway apprentice wizards seize the opportunity to complete their spellbooks by going after the lost Nine Parchments. As the would-be wizards rapidly acquire powerful new spells without learning proper safety measures, it's natural their hasty progress results in plenty of deadly accidents... Nine Parchments combines real-time spell-shooting action with RPG elements - level up your character and collect magical loot, filling your wardrobe with a myriad of wizard hats and powerful staves.

Developer Description[1]

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Modes[ | ]

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There are two modes that can be played. Both modes can be played online or offline.

Adventure[ | ]

Adventure has 32 levels in which the player advances through in order to obtain the nine spell parchments.

Arena[ | ]

There are six arenas, each having a varying amounts of enemy waves in which the player must survive in order to unlock the next level. Unlike adventure mode, you may start the game at any level. The mode also has an online ranking system that the player can upload their completion times to.

Collection[2][ | ]

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The students of the Astral Academy are not after only their school’s missing spell parchments, but there are other fascinating things to be found out there in the great wide yonder.

Hats[ | ]

There are chests hidden all across the perilous journey, and while some are sadly empty, others contain fashionable pieces of millinery: hats! Each student has their own hat, but they find stranger and more wondrous hats as their quest progresses.

Playing on a harder difficulty allows you to find more interesting, rarer hats, but there are plenty of hats to be found also in easy and normal difficulty.

Hats don’t affect your gameplay, but they allow you to distinct yourself from your fellow students, and show off your monster defeating feats.

Staves[ | ]

Staves, however, are another matter entirely.

Staves are found throughout the levels. You may be able to wrestle some from the hands (or claws, or paws) of the monsters you are facing, while others staves require a little puzzlework, or quick feet. Alternatively, you can collect quills, which are automatically turned in for staves.

Or you may simply chase one until you catch it…

Most importantly, each students has their own staff. These staves are the key to unlocking all the playable characters in Nine Parchments.

Party Banters[3][ | ]

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To match the game’s lively speed and our intention that you would like to experience the action more than just once, we wrote you some Party Banters.

You may have seen glimpses of our Bosses in a recent trailer. In each level after these encounters, there are spots of longer dialogue for our students.

What you will hear them talk about will depend on who they are with:

  • If they are alone, they will talk to themselves about their quest to complete their spellbooks, and what motivates them.
  • If they are with another character, they will engage in conversations with them about their personal differences, grievances, questions, histories, similarities and mutual interests.
  • And if you have three or four different characters in your study group, they will shed a little bit more light on what is going on in the world, why is everything trying to kill them, and what happened to the Astral Academy library to cause their current situation.

To discover everything you want to know about your favourite character in the game, it would be a good idea to quest with every other character in the game and find out what’s really bubbling under their facades!

Moods[3][ | ]

Each character has four different moods unique to themselves, but all vary from happy and chirpy to dark and more or less troubled. If you’re playing in a group with many instances of a single character, you can set yourself apart not only with a hat, but picking a mood the other players haven’t chosen yet!

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