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Nine Parchments is a co-operative blast 'em up game of magical mayhem from Frozenbyte! Runaway apprentice wizards seize the opportunity to complete their spellbooks by going after the lost Nine Parchments. As the would-be wizards rapidly acquire powerful new spells without learning proper safety measures, it's natural their hasty progress results in plenty of deadly accidents... Nine Parchments combines real-time spell-shooting action with RPG elements - level up your character and collect magical loot, filling your wardrobe with a myriad of wizard hats and powerful staves.

Developer Description[1]

Modes[edit | edit source]

See also: List of Levels

There are two modes that can be played. Both modes can be played online or offline.

Adventure[edit | edit source]

Adventure has 32 levels in which the player advances through in order to obtain the nine spell parchments.

Arena[edit | edit source]

There are six arenas, each having a varying amounts of enemy waves in which the player must survive in order to unlock the next level. Unlike adventure mode, you may start the game at any level. The mode also has an online ranking system that the player can upload their completion times to.

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