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This is Fire, this is Ice

This is Death, this is Life

This is Lightning, this is Steam

And this is all that’s in-between''

~ The Principles of Magic for Elementary School Levels by Professor Butternut

Every spell has an element that plays a part in determining the damage done to enemies. Some elements also have special effects. For example, ice slows and eventually freezes the enemy when enough damage is dealt and lightning stuns the enemy for a brief moment when it hits. Minibosses and bosses are not affected by these effects. Melee attacks are always physical, but some staves and skills give melee attacks a chance of inflicting elemental damage.

Opposing Elements[]

These elements will do more damage when used against an enemy of the opposite element and less damage against enemies of the same element. For example, fire does increased damage to ice enemies and decreased damage to fire enemies.

  • Fire and Ice
  • Death and Life
  • Lightning and Steam

Other Elements[]

These elements are not affected by weaknesses or resistances.

  • Physical
  • Shadow