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Cornelius Crownsteed is a wizard in Nine Parchments.

Nobody will laugh when I collect my Nine Parchments!
~ Cornelius of the noble house of Crownsteed

Favourite spell: Small Fireball

They may be small, but they still count as fireballs!

A group of would-be wizards are studying in the hallowed halls of the Astral Academy, each eager to complete their spellbooks with nine spell parchments. When an unfortunate incident takes place in the Academy Library, the students have an opportune moment to skip tedious classes and graduate much faster than they could have hoped for.

One of these initiative-taking students is young lord Crownsteed, who is hoping to learn great magic in order to impress his family. He has not done such a good job of impressing anyone so far however, having drawn the ire — rather than the admiration — of his fellow students. Could it be that introducing oneself with an aristocratic title isn’t always a good idea?

Cornelius hopes that besides being able to fulfill the expectations of his noble family, that this adventure will help him stand up for himself and maybe even make new friends.

Developer Description[1]

Variants: Cornelius Crownsteed, Cornelius Cornflower, Cornelius the Forester, Gilded Cornelius

Starting Spells[ | ]

Cornelius Crownsteed[ | ]

Ice Beam
A continuous beam of Ice. After continuous channeling, it slows and freezes the target

Base dmg: 50 per second
Regeneration: 12 seconds to full mana

Small Fireball
Small Fireball explodes on hit, dealing damage to all caught in the blast radius.

Base dmg: 50
Charges: 8
Regeneration: 3.Ss per charge
Dmg radius: Small

Death Circle
Conjures a Death Circle which deals damage to everyone in it.

Base dmg: 24
Charges: 1
Regeneration: 1Ss per charge
Dmg radius: Large

Cornelius the Cornflower[ | ]

How to unlock: Get 3 Achievements

A Fashionable Hat - Collect a hat
Staff Meeting - Collect a wizarding staff
Quite Exiting - Kill on of the large and scary monsters that tend to guard mystical spell parchments.


  • Lightning Beam
  • Frost Shard
  • Fire Blast

Cornelius the Forester[ | ]

  • Fire Beam
  • Frost Spray
  • Death Bolt

Gilded Cornelius[ | ]

  • Frost Cloud
  • Huge Fireball
  • Lighting Spray

Cornelius's Staves[ | ]

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