Nine Parchments Wiki

"...our students, while adventuring amongst monsters and caves, have had some thoughtful and sometimes very insightful conversations.... If you missed the conversations, or just seen a few during your own adventures, here is a few. Enjoy!"[1]

Cornelius, Gislan, Marvek & Carabel[]

21.The Hot Pools[]

Gislan:I keep having deja vu.

Carabel:Uh-huh,I know what you mean.It's as if we're encountering the same roads again and again...

Cornelius:That is so true.

Marvek:You youngsters tire too easily!When I was young,the roads were even longer,and all uphill!

29.How About a Cart Ride?[]

Marvek:What was this Ristual of Sealing again?

Gislan:Marvek.You know this.We need to return to the Academy and complete the ritual.

Carabel:So far one of the Masters has sealed our spells every yaer.But now we need to do it by ourselves.

Cornelius:Then we play it off the top of our heads?

Cornelius, Gislan, Rudolfus & Selius[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[]

Rudolfus:With a dangerous Lich on the run,maybe leaving the Academy was an oversight.

Cornelius:There's no shame in running awat,especially from a creature like that.

Gislan:I do think we're likely safer here and fer away from any Liches.

Selius:I agree.

9.To the Tundra![]

Rudolfus:That Lich Anastasia blew up the Arcane Repository too,the effects of which we see in all wildife.

Cornelius:But they'rejust animals,right?Not like they're people.We eat animals all the time.

Gislan:You pampered,silly boy.Life is not cheap.This is a dreadful tragedy.

Rudolfus:We are being derailed from our purpose.

13.Colder by the Hourglass[]

Cornelius:So that's what this spell does.

Rudolfus:Other Death artist have said she was very determined to have more Death magic in school.

Gislan:Defiling the remains of the dead?How uncivilized.

Selius:Skeletal minions are so passé.