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"...our students, while adventuring amongst monsters and caves, have had some thoughtful and sometimes very insightful conversations.... If you missed the conversations, or just seen a few during your own adventures, here is a few. Enjoy!"[1]


Cornelius & Gislan[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[]

Gislan:You're not very brave,that I've noticed.Why are you here?On a heroic quest to take the parchments back to the Astral Academy?

Cornelius:I'm hoping to collect them for myself,actually.

Gislan:Good,I'd say great minds think alike but I'm not sure yet if that applies to you.

5.Wizards Don't Tan[]

Gislan:I thought you'd be dead before we reached the first parchment.Why aren't you this active in class?

Cornelius:In the classroom I'm not this terrified.

Gislan:Either way,keep it up.

9.To the Tundra![]

Cornelius:Where are you from?

Gislan:The Island of Alcyon.It's a beautiful place.I'll be able to return there with dignity once I have completed my spellbook.

Cornelius:Maybe when this adventure is over ,we might be friends.

13.Colder by the Hourglass[]

Gislan:Why do you say that?I just told you,I'm going back home after we're done.Plus I barely know you,apart from the fact that school makes you very flustered.

Cornelius:Oh.But we have time to get to know each other now!

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[]

Cornelius:Is there a reason you put the screws on me constantly?

Gislan:Me?Have I somehow offended you by speaking bluntly?

Cornelius:There's no reason for you to be so unpleasant.

Gislan:If I were you,I'd stop wallowing in self-pity.

21.The Hot Pools[]

Cornelius:How would you feel if I called you self-righteous..and...and puffed-up misfit?!

Gislan:You opinion is of very little interest to me.

Cornelius:I didn't mean that. I just wanted to show you how it feels being insulted constantly.

Gislan:Aha.How gentlemanly of you.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[]

Cornelius:You must be happy that only one parchment remains and all this will be over soon.

Gislan:I'm not going to apologize that my day doesn't revolve around a pampered boy I barely know.

Cornelius:I just wanted to become friends.

Gislan:Well you can't decide on my behalf if we are friends!

29.How About a Cart Ride?[]

Gislan:Finally.the last parchment.Now back to the Academy.

Cornelius:Yes,pleasure was all mine.

Cornelius & Marvek[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[2][]

Marvek:We make a fine pair, Junior. It was wise of ou to ask for my guidance.

Cornelius:Sir, you told me to search for your reading glasses and dragged me outside.

Marvek:Don't worry. We'll find all the parchments and get out of school soon.

Cornelius:If you say so.

5.Wizards Don't Tan[2][]

Marvek:I've noticed the other students are saying nasty thing about you.

Cornelius:You're observant, sir.

Marvek:When I was young,we used to roll bullies in tar and feathers.

Cornelius:Sounds crude. And effective.I like it.

9.To the Tundra![2][]

Marvek:What spells do you prefer to use?

Cornelius:The ones that seem most practical at the time, sir.

Marvek:Fire spells are always practical.

13.Colder by the Hourglass[2][]

Cornelius:You look a little pale.Are you not feeling well, sir?

Marvek:Why don't you stop calling me"sir" for starters?

Cornelius:On.All right.Yes s-... Marvek. I mean Marvek.

Marvek:That's better. You're a quick learner, Junior.

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[2][]

Marvek:What are you going to do with your nine parchments when all this is over?

Cornelius:I'd like to study magical creatures and oddities. Maybe travel. But I'll probably have to return home. I have obligations, after all.

Marvek:I'm sure they can wait for a few years.

21.The Hot Pools[2][]

Cornelius:There are a lot of notes in your spellbook.

Marvek:I'm not cheating in the tests, if that's what you're implying.

Cornelius:No! I was just curious.

Marvek:They are pastry recipes. I'm an avid baker!

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[2][]

Marvek:Do you have family?

Cornelius:My parents.And my grandmother.If we can collect all the lost spells, they'll probably forgive me for leaving the Acaemy like this.

Marvek:I'm sure they'll be proud of you.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[2][]

Marvek:What are you going to do with all the spells at your disposal?

Cornelius:We need to complete the Ritual of Sealing if we're going to keep them.

Marvek:Yes, yes. Back the Academy. But once we're there?

Cornelius & Carabel[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[3][]

Carabel:I never took you for the adventuring type.

Cornelius:I want to collect the nine parchments!

Carabel:Then we share a common goal.We should do this together.

Cornelius:Really? You'd take me with you?

5.Wizards Don't Tan[3][]

Cornelius:I noticed you have a snow globe in your backpack.

Carabel:Oh,that old thing.My sister gave it to me. It reminds me of home.I miss the snow and pine forests.

Cornelius:The snowy mountain peaks can be seen from the Academy roof.Maybe Icould show them to you some day?

9.To the Tundra![3][]

Carabel:You should use more beam spells in the battlefield and stay away from melee combat.

Cornelius:I should?

Carabel:Just folloe my instructions in the future and you'll be fine.

Cornelius:I'll try my best.

13.Colder by the Hourglass[3][]

Carabel:End justifles the means, right?

Cornelius:You've been repeating that for a while now.

Carabel:I'm worried our actions may seem a little... rash. But our teachers will surely approve of our noble intentions.

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[3][]

Carabel:It won't be long until we can add the ninth parchment to our spellbooks.

Cornelius:I hope you're right. My parents are going to be so disappointed if I fail.

Carabel:They seem to matter to you a great deal.

Cornelius:They... they mean well.

21.The Hot Pools[3][]

Cornelius:Is it true that your family is one of the richest in the whole Kingdom?

Carabel:Yes it is.

Carabel:When I was younger.I used to dream about being influential,rich and of noble fertage.

Cornelius:Look what good it has done to me.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[3][]

Carabel:You should punch them!


Carabel:Your bullies of curse! That would shut their mouths!

Cornelius:And shatter my knuckle bone, I'm afraid.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[3][]

Carabel:This took us ages! But it's done!

Cornelius:What about the Ritual of Sealing?

Carabel:I was just coming to it. Come along, we need to return to the Astral Academy.

Cornelius & Rudolfus[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[4][]

Rudolfus:Hello, little mouse. Lost,are you?

Cornelius:No, I'm not. I'm here for the parchments.

Rudolfus:Maybe you should come with me then, since I'm doing the same thing. And I could use a human shield... I mean,company.

5.Wizards Don't Tan[4][]

Cornelius:You are studing Death magic. Why something so sinster and wayward?

Rudolfus:Why the pasty face and bad posture?Like you,I do what comes naturally to me.

Cornelius:Wait, what?

9.To the Tundra![4][]

Rudolfus:Well, we're still alive, even if you are a dead weight. Good show.

Cornelius:I'm doing my share!

Rudolfus:Yes, you keep telling youself that, and you'll grow up to become a big, brave, non-terrible wizard apprentice.

Cornelius:What do you mean terrible? TheAcademy instructors say I'm gifted!

13.Colder by the Hourglass[4][]

Cornelius:What have I done to you to earn your scorn?

Rudolfus:You're so nervous, it's easy to play with you. Even the mention of claws makes you shiver. To put it short:beacuse it's fun.

Cornelius:I think it is bullying. And definitely not fun!

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[4][]

Rudolfus:Are you going to use the spells on everyone who's ever made a quip about you?

Cornelius:No!That wouldn't solve anything. I just want to graduate. To be left in peace.

Rudolfus:The world is hard and real life stings. But suit yourself,run away, little mouse.


21.The Hot Pools[4][]

Cornelius:You're throwing nasty comments and evil hexes carelessly all over the land. I'm glad I'm not corrupt like you.

Rudolfus:Yet you've done a good job throwing spells of your own everywhere so far.

Cornelius:That's not the same.

Rudolfus:Ah. Of course not.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[4][]

Cornelius:Only one parchment remains to be found.

Rudolfus:How sad, and then our little sojourn together will be over.

Cornelius:Are you being sarcastic?

Rudolfus:You read invisible ink betwween the lines so well.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[4][]

Cornelius:Finally, let's return to the Astral Academy for the Ritual.

Rudolfus:Tough enough to steal the Master's Seal, little mouse?

Cornelius:It's not stealing. We'll just uhh, use it temporarily!

Cornelius & Owl[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[5][]

Owl:Let Owl join the quest to collect all the nine parchments with the Blue Blood!

Cornelius:Please don't call me that.


Cornelius:My name is Cornelius. Of house Crownsteed.

5.Wizards Don't Tan[5][]

Cornelius:You don't seem to be worried at all.

Owl:What should Owl be worried about?

Cornelius:Being in constant danger? Failing this mission? Being a disgrace to your family and school?!

Owl:No.But there is sand in Owl's pants.Does that count?

9.To the Tundra![5][]

Owl:Cornelius is wealthy and Owl has no money. Tell Owl, how one become rich.

Cornelius:Well... usually it requires alot hard work and a little bit of luck.

Owl:Owl is curios to know what kind of hard work has Cornelius done in his childood?

Cornelius:I, um, my wealth is inherited. My ancestors actually did the hard work.

13.Colder by the Hourglass[5][]

Cornelius:If you don't mind me asking, how can you afford the Academy?

Owl:Owl got a scholarship from nice ladies at a wild bird conservation club. Owl needs to wear this bracelet! And tell them if Owl is flying south. Or find a mate and produce little owlets!


17.The Descent to Spring Valley[5][]

Owl:Owl is puzzled. Why are some humans poor and some rich?

Cornelius:My father says it's the natural order of things. Why are you so interested in monetary issues?

Owl:Humans are obsessed with earning wealth and becoming popular. Owl tries to understand why.

21.The Hot Pools[5][]

Owl:Owl has a statement: Cornelius is rich. Another statement: Cornelius is not popular.

Cornelius:Whoa, blunt, aren't you? But it's true. I don't have at lot of friend at the Academy. Mother says others my good fortune. Father says I should not care and grew a backbone.

Owl:Cornelius requires spare parts? Can bones be planted in pots? Owl tried to grow a fruit tree but ate the seeds accidentally.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[5][]

Owl:Owl has an idea.Maybe Cornelius could give Owl a new name?

Cornelius:I don't know.How about... Theophilus? After my grandfather. Do you like it?

Owl:Owl would rather not anser that question.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[5][]

Cornelius:What an achievement! We've collested the nine parchment!

Owl:Owl is pleased.Owl remains puzzled, however.What happens next?

Cornelius:We return to the Academy in order to seal our spellbooks.

Cornelius & Nim[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[6][]'re here for the parchments,right?Should we work toghter?

Nim:Are you sure you want to come? It'll be perilous.

Cornelius:I don't care about the dangers and hardships.I have to do this!

5.Wizards Don't Tan[6][]

Cornelius:That was uhh.. something else.

Nim:I don't want to eat shrimp over again.

Cornelius:Good grace, no, just imagine that thing coming after you for eating its cousin.

9.To the Tundra![6][]

Cornelius:You never took part in the name-calling and slander in the classroom.

Nim:Not my way of doing things.

Cornelius:But you never defonded me either.

Nim:I've my own problems.

13.Colder by the Hourglass[6][]

Cornelius:I'm not used to living outdoors like this, fighting off the monsters and travelling on foot.

Nim:Almost everyone travels on foot in these Kingdoms.

Cornelius:But I get used to this. It's not so bad.

Nim:You sound like an adventure tourist.

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[6][]

Cornelius:I've noticed you often sit alone in the back row in class. And I've seen you scrubbing the floors after lessons.

Nim:The Academy is costly.

Cornelius:Oh...I...It must be both busy and lonely, working and studing simultancously.

Nim:It builds character.

21.The Hot Pools[6][]

Cornelius:Sometimes I wish I could hide under a mask like you do.

Nim:Putting on a front can be very telling.

Cornelius:I'm not sure I follw you.

Nim:Blindly following anyone is a bad idea.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[6][]

Cornelius:Do you think everybody will be surprised when we return with the parchment?

Nim:Who cares.

Cornelius:I hope to impress my parents! They have such high hope for me.

Nim:Why don't you impress yourself instead.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[6][]

Cornelius:I can't believe we did it! We have all the parchments!What if the wizards won't allow us to complete the Ritual of Sealing?

Nim:Then this trip was worth nothing. So we better get this done.

Cornelius & Amadeus[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[7][]

Cornelius:Oh gosh! I've dreamed about meeting an adventuring hero like you,sir Amadeus!Could you... could you sign my spellbook?

Amadeus:Oh yes!Definitely!I don't think I have a pen on me though.

Cornelius:Are you here to save the Astral Academy?

Amadeus:The thing is,I meant those spells for myself...well I suppose I could save some for the Academy while we're at it.

5.Wizards Don't Tan[7][]

Cornelius:This is the best time I've ever had in my life! On the road with Amadeus!It'd be nice if it were in a tavern with Amadeus,or even in a libary with Amadeus,for a change.But I thought you lived for the road and the adventures?

Amadeus:This is an interesting notion. Not one of my ow thought.

9.To the Tundra![]

Amadeus:Watching you excitedly throw about spells reminds me of my younger self.I had dreams of glory and Fireballs...impressing people.

Cornelius:But sir,I can't think of anyone more impressing than you!

Amadeus:It all cames with a cost.But,enjoy ourself now.While we're still alive!

13.Colder by the Hourglass[7][]

Cornelius:Sir,may I ask you for advice?


Cornelius:How do I get friends?

Amadeus:Umm...let me think about it!I'll get bacl to you.

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[7][]

Amadeus:Getting friends,really good friends,it's difficult.You need to share interests,and spend quality time together.

Amadeus:Have you thought about getting abducted by a magical artefact which will force you to share your life essence with other people?

Amadeus:Umm...let me think about it!I'll get bacl to you.

21.The Hot Pools[]

Amadeus:About that friend thing.Ithink you just need to be yourself.Friends are the kind of people who care about tyou just as you are.They won't need to be impressed, and they don't require you to throw fireballs.

Cornelius:Are you sure?I'm being myself all the time and the results so far aren't very reassuring.

Amadeus:You're still young,and'll get more confidence,and find things that interest you,and people to share things with.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[]

Cornelius:It hadn't occurred to me before that I'm really doing all of this for other people.Magic is fine and exciting, but it's what my parents want.My desire to please others has robbed me of my own hopes and dreams. I don't even know what I want.

Amadeus:I'll tell you what:I'm really interested in finding that last parchment right now!

29.How About a Cart Ride?[]

Amadeus:This has been one of my more favourite adventures.Time we head back to the Academy.

Cornelius:Yes,we need to seal these spells into our books,right?

Amadeus:Of course.I'm sure no one minds if we borrow the seal of the master for a moment.

Cornelius & Selius[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[8][]

Cornelius:You seem familiar. Have we met before?

Selius:Possibly. I can't remember the occasion.

Cornelius:I'm Cornelius. Of house Crownsteed.

Selius:Selius Of house HeatherWood.

5.Wizards Don't Tan[8][]

Cornelius:Now I remember!we met at countess Northcomb's Harvest ball!I was ten. Your brothers made fun of my dancing.

Selius:They are certainly proficient at that.

Cornelius:And you... you're a real prince!I'm honored to share an adventure with you!

9.To the Tundra![8][]

Cornelius:My father is going to be pleased when he hears you're an Academy student. He's worried interacting with common people might be the wrong influence for me.

Selius:Well you 'd best savour my company while you can, I'm not staying at the Academy.

Cornelius:Really? But...where will you go?

13.Colder by the Hourglass[8][]

Selius:As for what I plan to do next, I hope I can find my parents and explain... things... to them.

Cornelius:You sound a little angry. Did you not parl in good terms?

Selius:They don't think very highly of me at the moment.

Cornelius:That seems to be a common trend.

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[8][]

Cornelius:If you don't mind me asking, why were your quarters loacted so deep underneath the Academy? It hardly seemed like a place suitable for royalty.

Selius:I'm barely royalty. My father's title is inherited through an old land contract.And my mother got her peerage from the Old King, who handed out titles willy-nilly.

21.The Hot Pools[8][]

Cornelius:If your title is through a land contract, shouldn't the title pass on to your oldest brother?

Selius:Father decided to split the inheritance in three, so they could have three princes. Heatherwood is no farmland,it's mostly rocks, heather and forest.

Cornelius:At least there's no linger smell of cabbage in there.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[8][]

Selius:Cornelius, you do know, titles are just titles, They don't really mean anything.

Cornelius:I... I know. The world just seems easier when everything - everyone - has a place.

Selius:Our titles don't make us better or worse at magic than anyone else.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[8][]

Selius:Well, it's been interesting. I hope it all turn out well for you.

Cornelius:You're still determined to leave and seed out your family after this over.

Selius:As soon as we've completed our spellbooks.

Cornelius:I wish you find your happy ending, Selius. Sounds like we both could use one.

Gislan & Marvek[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[9][]

Marvek:Yes,Junior?Are you lost?

Gislan:Good elder,Marvek the Fire Wizard,you should recall my name is gislan.

5.Wizards Don't Tan[9][]

Gislan:I hope that mantis wasn't too distressing?Can you hear me?You're not going to have a heart-attack are you?

Marvek:That's just idle talk.I'm hale and hearty as a hot pretzel!And there's really no need tobe so  worried.Some of my customers at the bakery were nastier than that big shrimp.

9.To the Tundra![9][]

Marvek:This quest natters to you a great deal.Why is that?

Gislan:There's nothing  more important than my quest to complete my spellbook.It was decreed to me by my elders.

Marvek:So you have chosen to serve others?I find it admirable.

Gislan:I'm not so sure.Maybe I was chosen to serve?

13.Colder by the Hourglass[9][]

Gislan:I believe this will be the last time I go on a crazy adventure with a senile and deaf man.

Marvek:Chef? No dear, I used to be a baker.

Gislan:Shouldn't you have have some sort of hearing aid?

Marvek:Being paid? No, I'm not getting paid for doing this. It would be nice though.

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[9][]

Marvek:What is it, Junior? Why the long face?

Gislan:Behold, my visage is extremely serene in the face of chaos.

Marvek:I might be old, but I know a longing heart when I see one.

Gislan:What I long for is my reaining parchments.

21.The Hot Pools[9][]

Gislan:We require two more parchments each.

Marvek:What then? Time for a break? Maybe taste some cupcakes?Blueberry cupcakes, to be exact. I'm sure you would like the combination of cinnamon and chocolate!

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[9][]

Marvek:Do you miss home, Junior?

Gislan:Of couse. Alcyon is the Sacred Island of Trees. Serene. Mystical. Beautiful.

Marvek:Sound like a fairytale. But aren't curious to see the rest of the world?

Gislan:Mm. I can't deny I've never thought about it.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[9][]

Gislan:Now back to the Astral Academy. We need our spells sealed.

Marvek:What we need is an Academy Master to do that. Where are we going to find one.

Gislan:We don't need a Master, wejust need to borrow their Seal.

Marvek:I see. How about I distract the wizards and you borrow the Seal, Junior?

Gislan & Carabel[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[10][]

Carabel:You! Are you looking for the parchments?

Gislan:Greetings to you as well, Carabel.I seek to complete my spellbook, if that's what you mean.

Carabel:Then it seems we have a common goal.

5.Wizards Don't Tan[10][]

Gislan:With all that ice in your veins, I'm surprised you can keep up with me.

Carabel:Oh, you are? Well, this isn't the first time I'm travelling and taking responsibility.I didn't have the luxury of leading a sheltered life on some deserted island, you know?

Gislan:You shouldn't speak of the Island of Tree, it only betrays your ignorance.

9.To the Tundra![10][]

Carabel:I think you should focus on the healing spells, darling. You're not doing that much damage.

Gislan:As if throwing a few snowflakes does us any good.

Carabel:Those snowflakes are the only thing between us and a certain death.

13.Colder by the Hourglass[10][]

Gislan:Like it or not, healing spells are going it get us out of here alive.Dead wizards can't  cast spells.

Carabel:That... that makes sense.But stay out of the front line and try not to do anything stupid.

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[10][]

Carabel:I noticed you haven't got any letters from home sinse school started.Aren't they worried about you?

Gislan:Of course they are not worried about me.I'm perfectly capable on my own.And why are you so interested in other people's correspondence?Don't you have your own?

Carabel:Touched a sore,did I?

21.The Hot Pools[10][]

Gislan:What are you going to do after you complete your spellbook?

Carabel:I'm hopong to stay and - laugh all you want - make the Academy a better place for everyone.

Gislan:You mean, stop all the explosions and undead risings?

Carabel:They're just the tip of the iceberg.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[10][]

Gislan:Our journey's been surprisingly successful.

Carabel:Once we have the parchments, you'll return to your Island, correct? What kind of duties await you there?

Gislan:I'll find out when I return.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[10][]

Carabel:We have fought the good fight long enough. Ready to head back?

Gislan:Of course. And I will have my spells sealed into my spellbook, Carabel.

Carabel:I'm not going to stop you, Gislan.As much as I hate it, we're in this together.

Gislan:Yes, though you'd rather be with someone incompetent like Cornelius who doesn't overshadow you.

Gislan & Rudolfus[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[]

Rudolfus:Witches and cats go well together, don't you think?

Gislan:I know you, warlock. You're no kitten, You study Death Magic!

Rudolfus:And why should I not? It comes to me naturally, like air I breathe.

Gislan:Hmm. I have my eye on you.

5.Wizards Don't Tan[]

Gislan:I must admit, your company isn't as terrible as I thought it would be.

Rudolfus:Told you so. Witches and cats! Like bread and butter. Rosemary and thyme. Skull and bones.

Gislan:What's in this quest for you?

Rudolfus:Same as you! Complering my spellbook.

9.To the Tundra![]

Gislan:Do you have nine lives?

Rudolfus:At least nine. And you, do you fly on a broomstick.

Gislan:I wouldn't be caught dead on a broomstick! ... they chafe.

13.Colder by the Hourglass[]

Gislan:I've seen you pick on other students.But never me,why is that?

Rudolfus:Maybe it's not your turn,yet.

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[]

Gislan:I won't let my guard down,if that's what you're thinking.Is that why you joined me on this adventure?To get at me?

Rudolfus:Funny,could have sworn it was you who joined my adventure.

21.The Hot Pools[]

Gislan:Are you a man who's turned into a cat,or a cat turned into a man?

Rudolfus:Madam,I am Rudolfus the Magnificent.That is enough,to be my own self,as I am presently.How and from where I came to be,it doesn't matter.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[]

Gislan:What will you do,when you complete your spellbook?What does an honest warlock do?

Rudolfus:There's no such thing as an honest warlock.But to answer your question,I think I'll travel the world a bit.And before that,drink a saucer of milk.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[]

Gislan:A strange premonition t ells me we're headed for some exquisite troble at  the Academy.

Rudolfus:And are you scared?

Gislan:Of course I am,but the fear gives me strength.And you?

Rudolfus:I'd rather not let all my fur poof out.It looks silly.

Gislan & Owl[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[11][]

Owl:So. Owl is here. And healer witch is here.

Gislan:Are you alive, Owl? Do you feel Life pouring inside you?

Owl:There is a spark of life in Owl's machinery. Owl feels it.

Gislan:And now I feel it too, Owl.

5.Wizards Don't Tan[11][]

Gislan:You understand what we're doing, recovering these parchments?

Owl:Of couse. Owl hopes to collect not only nine, but more like hundreds of spell parchments!

Gislan:You can only have nine in your spellbook. What will you do with the rest?

Owl:Maybe Owl can sell the parchments and become rich!

9.To the Tundra![11][]

Gislan:The Academy Wizards wouldn't allow just anyone to sell spell parchments. It's a disturbing thought, that wealth could override hard work, skill and dedication.

Owl:But the Academy is not free either! And Owl could offer giveaway spells for the poor! Such charity!

13.Colder by the Hourglass[11][]

Owl:Owl has a question: healer witch often wears green clothes. Why is it so?

Gislan:Green becomes me.

Owl:What colour would flatter Owl?

Gislan:How about a woody brown?

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[11][]

Gislan:Do you think you could live forever with your metal body? You don't wither like we do.

Owl:Owl has never thought about it properly. What would healer witch do with eternal life?

Gislan:Without death there is no life, so it's a useless question.

21.The Hot Pools[11][]

Owl:Owl is lacking a proper name. Could healer witch help Owl and recommend a nice name for it?

Gislan:It's not my place. You'll know the right name, when the time comes.

Owl:Oh. Owl has never thought of it like that. Hopefully the right time won't take too long.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[11][]

Gislan:No creation is perfect, but I sense you're a little more imperfect than us in some respects. You sense of self is broken, it's why you can't say I. Or perhaps it's not broken... it's just different.

Owl:Healer witch thinks so much it makes Owl's head hurt.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[11][]

Gislan:Back to the Astral Academy now. You try find the Master's Seal while I keep watch.

Owl:A good idea! Owl will take a look at the Master's room from a bird's eye view!

Gislan:Owl... you can't actually fly. We better take the stairs.

Gislan & Nim[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[12][]

Gislan:Aren't you a cleaner? What are you doing here?

Nim:I'm. Um.

Gislan:Speak up. I so dislike mumbling.

Nim:Uhm. Uhh. Mm.

5.Wizards Don't Tan[12][]

Gislan:Your cleaning spells have been remarkably useful.


Gislan:So let's keep it up!

9.To the Tundra![12][]

Gislan:Have we been introduced? I'm Gislan.

Nim:Uhm. Nim.

Gislan:I'm sorry I'm not sure I caught your name, is it Uhmnim?

Nim:N-Nim. Nim.

13.Colder by the Hourglass[12][]

Gislan:Poor animals.


Gislan:Oh, you speak!


17.The Descent to Spring Valley[12][]

Gislan:So you like animals?

Nim:I... they're nice.

Gislan:I'm from a lush green island. There's so much wildlife there, you can't imagine!

Nim:Sounds... nice.

21.The Hot Pools[12][]

Gislan:Now that I think about it, I'm sure I've seen you in class!You always stay behind, and you never talk to anyone.

Nim:I'm... busy.

Gislan:Well, you should try and smell the roses sometime.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[12][]

Nim:One more parchment.

Gislan:I can't wait to be done with them and return to the Academy!

Nim:Yes... then we're... it's... over.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[12][]

Gislan:Now back to the Academy, to do the Ritual of sealing.

Nim:And then our adventure is over.

Gislan:And not moment too soon! It's been such madness.


Gislan & Amadeus[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[13][]

Amadeus:Oh, aren't you lovely ... I mean,lovely to meet you!

Gislan:Likewise, I'm sure.

Amadeus:Do you need to be protected? I could protect you!

Gislan:I can hold my own, thank you.

5.Wizards Don't Tan[13][]

Amadeus:So, how is a beauty like you on an adventure alone like this? I guess you're saving the Lost parchments?

Gislan:To bo quite honest, I'm looking for the parchments for my own sake, not for the benefit of the Academy.

Amadeus:Oh. I see. Right. That's ehh... Good. Beacuse you know... I am here doing the same!

9.To the Tundra![13][]

Gislan:Who are you anyway?

Amadeus:What, you don't know who I am?

Gislan:Should I? Did you invent an important magical theorem? Are you a very powerful magician?

Amadeus:... I got abducted by a magical Artefact once.

13.Colder by the Hourglass[13][]

Gislan:I'm fine with you assisting me on my quest, but we should keep a professional distance.

Amadeus:Of couse, of course! Strictly professional. And I'm only trying to be nice. I'm married and all. I just get a little flustered around ladies.

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[13][]

Amadeus:So, I guess you're not from around here? Where are you from?

Gislan:I am Gislan of Alcyon.

Amadeus:A great pleasure! The Island Kingdom? Never been there.

Gislan:It's a place of marvellous beauty.

21.The Hot Pools[13][]

Gislan:So what happened with that Artefact? The one that abducted you?

Amadeus:It gave me magic powers and sent me off on adventures every now and then.

Gislan:Oh? That sounds exciting.

Amadeus:It was. Maybe too exciting. Made holiday planning a nightmare.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[13][]

Amadeus:Say, how do you feel about fireballs?

Gislan:Not really that impressive.

Amadeus:I... Really? You think so? Surely they're better than boxes.

Gislan:I prefer a little subtlety. Fireballs are showy, but they die out fast.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[13][]

Amadeus:Alrughty then. Now all we need to do is complete the Ritual of Sealing, and we'll get to keep our spells.

Gislan:Wait - I sense a premonition, an evil rising at the Academy.


Gislan:Or it might be just my end of term report card.

Gislan & Selius[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[7][]

Gislan:My premonitions did say I'd meet a tall dark stranger.What is your business here?

Selius:I'm interested in the missing Parchments,Gislan of Alcyon.

Gislan:Then we might go to the same way.

5.Wizards Don't Tan[7][]

Gislan:Word must have travelled fast,if outsiders already know the Parchments are missing.

Selius:Oh,not at all.I'm from the Academy myself.

Gislan:Really?And imagine our paths have never crossed before.

Selius:Beacause you don't seem like the type to spend time in the dungeons.

9.To the Tundra![14][]

Gislan:Look,Selius,I don't care if you are a werewolf,as long as you don't bite me.

Selius:I'm not!My eyebrows don't grow toghter!

Gislan:Well now that you mention it,you are much too thin to be a werewolf.

Selius:It's not werewolves that trouble me.

13.Colder by the Hourglass[7][]

Selius:What do you think of the masked one,the one with the broom?

Gislan:I don't have time to be thinking about anyone,I have to complate my book.

Selius:I think he's had nightmares about you.

Gislan:Now that's just silly talk.

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[7][]

Selius:What do you have nightmares about?

Gislan:You're interested in strange topics,but I've nothing to hide.Recently I had a dream of a wery angry peacock chasing me through a hedge maze.

Selius:Well,that is...interesting.

21.The Hot Pools[14][]

Gislan:So you are interested in dreams?

Selius:Well,they do fuel my magic powers.

Gislan:Your own dreams, or just anyone's?

Selius:I'd rather not invade other people's dreams.But my dream talisman helps me ground myself.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[14][]

Gislan:So,how about your nightmares?

Selius:They're about dark beasts,creatures of the forest taken over by shadows.

Gislan:What do you think they mean?

Selius:Just...Bad memories.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[14][]

Gislan:So you'll complete your spellbook and leave the Academy?Do you think you'll be alright?The wizards won't chase you?

Selius:I don't know.I'll try and find my parents and see what happens.

Gislan:Good luck then,Selius.

Marvek & Carabel[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[]

Carabel:How old are you exually?Are you sure you can keep pace with me?The hunt for the nine parchments is not walk in the park.

Marvek:I'm not dead yet,Junior,Nor am I deaf.Stop blabbering and keep your casting hands stoady.

5.Wizards Don't Tan[]

Marvek:That creature made me crave for seafood.

Carabel:That disgusting mantis?It's going to give me nightmares!

Marvek:I have a feeling you'll probably decline my shrimp pot pie recipe.

9.To the Tundra![]

Carabel:What do you do you intend to do after we have all parchment?

Marvek:Go home,bury my spellbook and try to forget this mess never happened.

13.Colder by the Hourglass[]

Marvek:The frost beast impressed you,didn't it?

Carabel:Such a magnificrnt creaure,I'm sorry we had to put it to death.

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[]

Marvek:It must've been a  really strong gale to whisk the parchments so far and wide.

Carabel:Maybe the wind as magically enhanced.

Marvek:Or perhaps Mother Nature just wanted to play hide and seek with us.

21.The Hot Pools[]

Carabel:Was it gard for your family whrn you left for the Academy?

Marvek:My wife was more troubled when I accidentally burned down our bakery.

Carabel:The gift of magic can be both a curse and a blessing.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[]

Marvek:This undertaking of ours hasn't been so bad.We'll have seven parchments soon.

Carabel:Nine,Marvek.Nine parchments.

Marvek:Yes,Junior,that's what I said.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[]

Carabel:It seem's fire and ice are a good comination after all!The parchments are ours!

Marvek:We still need the Ritual of sealing to complete our books.And it be done only in the Astral Academy.

Carabel:So let's go already!

Marvek & Rudolfus[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[15][]

Marvek:What a humongous cat! Run back to your owner, kitty, I have no time to entertain you!

Rudolfus:I entertain myself, mister fire-wizard! Marvek, isn't that your name?

Marvek:It is! Are you sure that you're nobody's pet, then?

Rudolfus:No cat truly is!

5.Wizards Don't Tan[7][]

Rudolfus:You such a respectable,venerable age.Are you sure you are up for this task?

Marvek:I'm no stranger to adventuring!When I was younger the monsters were even bigger.

Rudolfus:Well,if the worst comes to pass,I'll pat your corpse on the back and remember you fondly.

Marvek:You do that.And tell my wife that the fire in her flowerbed wasn't actually caused y lighting strike.

9.To the Tundra![15][]

Marvek:So... how long have you been meddling with death magic?

Rudolfus:Not meddling. It's whole-hearted immersion meeting natural born talent! And you? Is bowing up cakes with fireballs your lifelong pursuit?

Marvek:I'll just be happy if my next bakery doesn't go up in smoke.

13.Colder by the Hourglass[7][]

Rudolfus:How fiery-warm are your feelings about us keeping these parchments between ourselves?I'm sure the Academy need not know about them.

Marvek:Agreed.All is fair in love,War and Parchments.Although I'm sure the  Academy wizards will connect the dots when we return to seal the spells in our books.

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[7][]

Marvek:What are your plans after all this is aver?Retirement?World domination?

Rudolfus:I'm far too lazy for world domination.As for my plans...well I rarely plan ahead.You,of course,will bring dangerous spells into the worlod of pastries.Most intriguing.

Marvek:Wait till you taste my caramelized salmon quiche...that smirk on your face will fade away,I promise.

21.The Hot Pools[15][]

Marvek:Although the hexes and curses would probaly be wasted in my bakery.

Rudolfus:Or maybe they would yield some interesting flavours and decorations.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[15][]

Marvek:Do you have any family back home? Maybe somebody special waiting?

Rudolfus:Try to figure out if I were first a cat or a human? Rest assured, I will never reveal the the size of the litter I was born in.

Marvek:Keep your secrets, then. I'm sure you have your rasons, Junior.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[15][]

Rudolfus:You are quite the intriguing gentleman to be sharing adventurees with. But as we approach the Academy, our time together comes to an end.

Marvek:What do you think will happen? Are they going to let us seal our spellbooks?

Rudolfus:You just follow me! I have a plan. With mild thievery involved.

Marvek & Owl[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[16][]

Marvek:No! Go away , you silly bird. I bet your owner is missing you.

Owl:Owl is not a pet. It would like to join the fire wizard for the search of the nine parchments!

Marvek:You can talk?

Owl:Owl can also spells. Want to see?

5.Wizards Don't Tan[16][]

Marvek:So... you are not some student's pet owl?

Owl:Owl is a magically imbued mechanical construct.

Marvek:What's in it for you to find the parchments?

Owl:Owl wants to graduate and be a proper wizard. Like all the other students!

9.To the Tundra![16][]

Owl:Owl has an inquiry to make: Does the Academy still own these scattered spells?

Marvek:I guess technically they do.

Owl:But since the spells are no longer in the Academy vaults, it would not be stealing to keep some?

Marvek:I like the way you think, little bird.

13.Colder by the Hourglass[16][]

Owl:Owl needs confirmation. Is Marvek older than other students?

Marvek:How did you come to that conclusion?

Owl:Owl has made facial feature comparisons. Fire wizard's face looks like a melted candle.

Marvek:You are one rude pigeon, are you not?

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[16][]

Owl:When Marvek and Owl have collected the parchments, there will be a real wingding party with party hats and blowers!

Marvek:You can say that again!

Owl:Ummh, alright. When Marvek and Owl have collected the par...

Marvek:Thank you, Owl. That's quite enough.

21.The Hot Pools[16][]

Owl:Owl would like to ask a favour.Owl's creator had no time to give Owl a proper name. Does Marvek have have a name for Owl?

Marvek:You should make up your own names, little bird.

Owl:Owl thinks fire wizard is dodging the question.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[16][]

Owl:Owl has a question. Does the old dog learn new tricks?

Marvek:I see you've been reading the Pocket Book of Proverbs again. I suppose this old dog might have learned a thing or two. But he would much rather lay by the fireside and bake buns.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[16][]

Marvek:The nine parchments are finally ours.

Owl:Owl would like to converse with Marvek about the Ritual of Sealing.

Marvek:Yes, the ritual. That must be done to seal our spellbooks properly.

Owl:Owl is ready to travel back to the Academy and try the ritual.

Marvek & Nim[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[17][]

Marvek:Are you here for the parchments as well?

Nim:Why do you ask?

Marvek:It seems you're in  need of a partner. What say we join forces?


5.Wizards Don't Tan[17][]

Marvek:I'm glad we're in this together. You seem like a person who gets things done promptly.

Nim:I don't want to rush needleddly.

Marvek:But certainly there's no harm in keeping a brisk pace.

Nim:Learning new spells takes time.

9.To the Tundra![17][]

Marvek:What are you going to do once we finsh our search?


Marvek:And the parchments that you don't put in your spellbook? Do you intend to return them to the Academy?


13.Colder by the Hourglass[17][]

Marvek:Why are you hiding behind that mask?

Nim:... I'm sensitive.

Marvek:To what? Sunlight? Orpollen?

Nim:Those as well.

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[17][]

Marvek:Phew! These monsters are hard nails!

Nim:Mad, tormented creatures.

Marvek:You feel pity for them?

Nim:Of course.

21.The Hot Pools[17][]

Marvek:I noticed you've been cleaning the Academy classrooms and corridors in the evenings.

Nim:I'm not wealthy enough.

Marvek:You are paying the lessons and upkeep with your own work? I respect that.


25.A Holiday in the Highlands[17][]

Marvek:So far so good, don't you think?

Nim:We're not done.

Marvek:Don't worry, Junior , soon we will be!

Nim:Patronising aren't we?

29.How About a Cart Ride?[17][]

Marvek:If we want our spellbooks to be of any use after this, they need to be sealed. I'm not sure how we are going to pull that off back at the Astral Academy.

Nim:Let's go and find out.

Marvek & Amadeus[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[18][]

Amadeus:Hello there. Nice beard! Say, you're not some evil overlord, are you?

Marvek:Why, thank you! Your beard isn't bad either! And no evil overlord plans for now, thank you for asking. Just collecting spells. And you?

Amadeus:Here for some spells too! Excellent, looks like we're off to a good start.

5.Wizards Don't Tan[18][]

Marvek:So, Amadeus... how's the wife?

Amadeus:How do you know about my wife? Oh right, I'm famous! Margaret wants me to be more involved with the children, but I think a boarding school is a better choice.

Marvek:I see! Send them to bake in the oven and see what comes out afterwards!

9.To the Tundra![18][]

Amadeus:Margaret wants to have a career, so I need to be home. I don't really see what would be wrong with a boarding school. Or maybe a nanny.

Marvek:What about putting them in the Astral Astral Academy? It is likely they will never graduate, though.

Amadeus:Or they'll turn into old bearded men. Even my daughter.

13.Colder by the Hourglass[18][]

Amadeus:The thing about being a mystical hero is that the pay is terrible. We can't afford a nanny. But in all fairness, Margaret does have a point, I'm rarely there.

Marvek:Have you considered part-time heroing?

Amadeus:I'd need some sort of an understudy for that, right? And sharing my powers isn't that easy.

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[18][]

Amadeus:Do you have children? A spouse perhaps?

Marvek:Oh yes, these's Poppy. We've been married for ages. After the bakery burned down she suggested I should attend the Astral Academy.

Amadeus:Hmm... if I blew up more things in the house, maybe Margaret would appreciate my being away more.

21.The Hot Pools[18][]

Marvek:Have you ever considered a career in teaching?

Amadeus:I sort of do that already , I show my magical powers at wizarding get-togethers. Conferences.

Marvek:But how about getting an apprentice? Or an intern?

Amadeus:I'd be worried they might die a horrible, painful death.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[18][]

Marvek:I heard you have some problems with your fire spells,correct? Maybe some day , when we're not so busy , I could teach you. That is, if we both survive this.

Amadeus:Well that is a very generous suggestion! Maybe you also need training in the Art of Boxing?

Marvek:Boxing? Why not! Floating boxes would revolutionize my cake displays!

29.How About a Cart Ride?[18][]

Amadeus:And back to the Academy now. To seal us some spells! Although I'm pretty upset I didn't get the fireball...

Marvek:Maybe next time, dear fellow, maybe next time. Hopefully you know a charitable Academy Master willing to seal our spellbooks.

Marvek & Selius[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[19][]

Marvek:You look like you could use some cookie and milk, lad. Being so dreadfully pale.

Selius:It's been a while since I saw the sun.

Marvek:Youngsters these days... Always waering black and never leaving the house.

5.Wizards Don't Tan[19][]

Marvek:You seem heavyhearted for somebody that just gave a huge mantis a beating of a lifetime.

Selius:What's there to celebrate?We kill a monster. A bigger monster inevitably appears. And so on.

Marvek:Oh dear, thats grim. I would say you're suffering from a midlife crisis but you're hardly twenty.

9.To the Tundra![19][]

Marvek:Why are you searching for the Parchments? Not happy at the Astral Academy?

Selius:I've always wanted to learn magic, and this seems like the best opportunity I'm likely to get.

Marvek:And once you have learned enough? When you have all the parchments?

Selius:I don't see how that's your concern, don't you have a bakery to worry about?

13.Colder by the Hourglass[19][]

Selius:It would be almost comical if I had wanted to be a baker intead a wizard.

Marvek:Why's that?

Selius:Breaking into the kitchen in the middle of the night would have been ... mm, nevermind.

Marvek:You'd be surprised to know how many baking careers begin with the baker breaking into the kitchen.

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[19][]

Selius:I'm rather of you, master baker. I don't know how to do anything with my hand.

Marvek:Baking is more of a mindset than a skill set, honestly.And who wouldn't like to create things in their mind?

Selius:An unguarded mind can create all sorts of things.

21.The Hot Pools[19][]

Selius:Do you remember any of your recent dreams?

Marvek:There's this majestic, old dradon often in my dreams. Sometimes ot chases me and sometimes I ride it.

Selius:Ah, to bring that out from the dreamworld.What a thing ot woould be.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[19][]

Selius:Tell us more about this dragon.

Marvek:It's ancient. And it breathes fire.Poppy said it sounds like me. But she was very upset about me setting the bedon fire.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[19][]

Selius:I plan to vanish after we complete our spellbooks. You won't tell anyone about me leaving?

Marvek:I'm not into big graduation parties myself, so I can't blame you for sneaking off.

Selius:I'd appreciate you not talking to the master wizards in particular.

Marvek:Talk about what? Who? I didn't see anything. Should wear my glasses more often.

Carabel & Rudolfus[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[20][]

Carabel:Don't even think of glueing yourself to me!I'll find the nine parchments myself!

Rudolfus:Dear Carabel,I'll be magnanimous in turn and let you tag along,if you wish for my help finding those spells.

Carabel:Well.At least you're here.The other students seem to be indifferent to the situation.

Rudolfus:Oh I wouldn't be so sure...

5.Wizards Don't Tan[20][]

Rudolfus:Darkness and Frost are not entirely incompatible.

Carabel:There is a certain rigour in both.But they have nothing else in common.

Rudolfus:Frost comes in winter!It's the natural time of darkness and decay.

Carabel:And hot cocoa and fireplace stories!

9.To the Tundra![20][]

Carabel:Let me guess.You want to keep the parchmen s to yourself?

Rudolfus:You think they'll ever allow us to complete our spellbooks at the Academy?

Carabel:What do you mean?Of course they will.We are doing this for the common good!

Rudolfus:Yes,and us having these spells contributes to the common good!

13.Colder by the Hourglass[20][]

Rudolfus:What do you think of the Verdant Witch? A frightful snoot, isn't she?

Carabel:She's driven and skilled, I'll give her that. But I fear she's at the Academy for the wrong reasons.

Rudolfus:Yes, for learning magic! What a heinous hag.

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[20][]

Carabel:It seems you take nothing seriously. Rudolfus:Why did you enroll at the Astral Academy?

Rudolfus:Ah-ah-ah, I am very serious, my dear. I've such a good and positive attitude about it too.

Carabel:You did it again! Mockery is your escape from everything responsible and important!

Rudolfus:Dear Carabel, for you, I'll be serious. I solemnly swear.

21.The Hot Pools[20][]

Rudolfus:You desire to keep these parchments as much as I do. Admit it.

Carabel:It pain me that the spells were laying around in the Kibrary unused. So much good could be with these!

Rudolfus:Yes, you could take yours and use them for good! Think of the rainbows and unicorns!

Carabel:If I'm going to make a difference, I won't resort to shortcuts.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[20][]

Carabel:Are there any other wizards in your family?

Rudolfus:Perhaps you refer to the greater family of felines? I'm not sure if there are wizarding pumas or tigers.

Carabel:I mean your sibling and your parents, Rudolfus. Or were you born out of thin air?

Rudolfus:Perhaps, perhaps...

29.How About a Cart Ride?[20][]

Rudolfus:Don't worry about your hands getting caught in the cookie jar. I'll do borrow the Master's Seal when we get the Astral Academy.

Carabel:No way, mister! I'm coming with you! I don't trust you. Besides, if we fail, it is fair to face the consequences together.

Carabel & Owl[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[21][]

Carabel:Out of all the possible companions you decided to search for the parchments with me?

Owl:Owl is sure that teaming up with ice lady should be effective enough.

Carabel:Enough for what?

Owl:To collect the nine parchments, what else? Come, ice lady , Owl is happy about this partnership!

5.Wizards Don't Tan[21][]

Owl:Owl heard a saying: What happens at the beach, stays at the beach! Does it mean that the great rainbow shrimp is not going to haunt Owl any more?

Carabel:Something like that.

Owl:What is killed at the beach, stays dead at the beach!

9.To the Tundra![21][]

Carabel:What a hassle that was!

Owl:Now Owl understands what piggyback ride means.

13.Colder by the Hourglass[21][]

Carabel:Do you remember anything about the wizard who made you?

Owl:A pointy hat and flamboyant robes. And a long fluffy beard!

Carabel:Most of the wizards match that description.

Owl:Owl has noticed that as well.

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[21][]

Carabel:What is your favourite spell?

Owl:Owl is most fond of lightning spells. That said, Owl really likes all spells. Owl thinks it is a shame there can be only nine parchments in a spellbook.

Carabel:Maybe it's for the best. They say too much power corrupts.

21.The Hot Pools[21][]

Owl:Owl is hoping Carabel could help it.Owl would like to receive a decent name.

Carabel:Oh. How about something perky, like Tweet?

Owl:Owl thinks: No.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[21][]

Carabel:We're almost finished! Only the ninth parchment remains missing.

Owl:Carabel and Owl have been a good team.Even if Carabel keeps shouting a lot during battles.

Carabel:I'm simply giving suggestions. Sometimes loudly.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[21][]

Owl:Owl is happy. This undertaking has deen a successful one.

Carabel:Indeed, my feathered friend. We have the parchments.But we need to hurry back to the Astral Academy.

Owl:Owl is ready for the Ritual of Sealing!

Carabel & Nim[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[22][]

Nim:So. The nine parchments.

Carabel:You're after them as well? We should do this together.

Nim:Are you serious?

Carabel:We can watch each other's backs and share the spoils. Come on!

5.Wizards Don't Tan[22][]

Carabel:I've noticed you cleaning and maintaining the Academy buildings. Why?

Nim:Tuition is expensive.

Carabel:Oh, I see. You're paying the Academy training on your own?


9.To the Tundra![22][]

Carabel:Why do you want to collect the parchments?

Nim:You know. Spells.

Carabel:That was... vague at best.

13.Colder by the Hourglass[22][]

Carabel:You don't talk much, do you?


Carabel:You're never going to make any friends sulkihg like that.


17.The Descent to Spring Valley[22][]

Nim:I'm starting to find this dubious.

Carabel:On the contrary, there's nothing dubious in collecting these spells! We're acting for the common good. Besides, we're keeping only what is needed to resolve this situation. We'll

return the rest to the Academy.

Nim:Is that so.

21.The Hot Pools[22][]

Carabel:So... Are you involved in any extracurricular activities?

Nim:The orchestra.

Carabel:Are you serious?


25.A Holiday in the Highlands[22][]

Carabel:Our journey hasn't been in vain! We're almost done.

Nim:Not really.

Carabel:Relax. It's only a single parchment we haven't found.

Nim:One is more than none.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[22][]

Nim:That makes nine. And now - the Ritual of Sealing.

Carabel:And to that end, we'll need the Master's Seal.

Nim:Right. Let's head back to the Astral Academy.

Carabel & Amadeus[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[]

Carabel:Who are you?One of our wizarding instructors?

Amadeus:I'm hardly that senile!And don't you recognize me?I'm the one and only Amadeus!

Carabel:Oh.I thought they were just stories.Why are you here?

Amadeus:I'm here on serious wizarding business.

5.Wizards Don't Tan[]

Amadeus:I'll have you knw I'm an amazing wizard.They call me a hero!

Carabel:What kind of acts of heroism have you been up to?

Amadeus:Didn't you hear?I single-handedly defeated the villainous Sarek!

Carabel:Wasn't he already like...dead or something?

9.To the Tundra![]

Carabel:What o you think of the current state of the Astral Academy?

Amadeus:They could do with repairing those new holes on the sides of the towers.

Carabel:I didn't mean my question to be taken that literally.

Amadeus:Well,we wizards are very literal people.

13.Colder by the Hourglass[]

Amadeus:You're a very self-assured young damsel.What is it you're doing in there in these parts?

Carabel:I'm on the hunt Academy lost spells.And you?

Amadeus:Here for a few firelball spells for my own colleection,if you catch my drift.

Carabel:Fire spells for your spellbook?Ithought you were in the service of the Astral Academy!

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[]

Carabel:Have you ever considered a  career in politics?

Amadeus:I ran for the student council my first year in the Academy.but no one would vote for me.

Carabel:But now you're famous!Think of all the good you could do!

Amadeus:It's a great idea!Unfortunately I'm quite wrapped up in feats of heroism right now.

21.The Hot Pools[]

Carabel:I'm considering taking on an adventuring intern, once I figure out how to lend the Trine magic away.

Amadeus:You might make an excellent candidate!

Carabel:It could be a good career move. What kind of salary did you have in mind?

Amadeus:Well it would be for... a fine-looking project in your resume!

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[]

Carabel:Why aren't you friend with you?The two mentioned in the stories?

Amadeus:We aren't always together!We all have lives of our own.I have a family to take care of!Pontius is knighting about the realm,and Zoya...well,she pursues her own endeavours.

Carabel:I see.But in the you three always reunite to undertake anther adventure.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[]

Carabel:You know the Academy staff better than I do.Do you think they'll be grateful for our work here?

Amadeus:What,I thought we were collecting these spells for ourselves?

Carabel:I guess it's all right if we keep a few.But the rest belongs to the Academy.You should know that.

Amadeus:I don't see how,when they can't be bothered to go after own spells...

Carabel & Selius[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[23][]

Carabel:I don't remember seeing you before. Are you from the Academy?

Selius:And if I am?

Carabel:I know most of the students... and you're a bit too young to be a teacher.

Selius:I'm a.. special needs student.

5.Wizards Don't Tan[23][]

Carabel:I'm sorry, but there's just something off about you. You... you know shadow magic, don't you?

Selius:A little.

Carabel:But where did you learn it? They don't teach it at the Astral Academy.

Selius:I... read about it somewhere.

9.To the Tundra![23][]

Carabel:Wait a moment. You're the student they keep locked underneath the Academy?

Selius:I thought that was obvious, seeing as you found me there?

Carabel:I assumed that you were lost down there, but they actually forced you to live down there. That's horrible.

Selius:Not at all, it was a very comfortably furnished dungeon.

13.Colder by the Hourglass[23][]

Carabel:Are you dangerous? To other Academy students?

Selius:Only when I  fall asleep.

Carabel:And then what? You cast spells while sleeping?

Selius:In the dreaming worlds, yes.

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[23][]

Carabel:Shadow magic's dangerous, so the wizards should help you to control it, not restrain you!

Selius:They do try, but we're not getting anywhere.Though, they did make me this dream tailsman to help suppress my magic.

Carabel:It must be hard for you. Wanting to learn more... And being chocked back at the same time.

21.The Hot Pools[23][]

Carabel:Maybe the wizards will trust ou and treat you better after we return with the parchments.

Selius:You have the strangest affinity for optimism.

Carabel:I'm simply offering them the chance to do the right thing.

Selius:No, we should definitely run free.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[23][]

Selius:You won't have to worry about my return to the Academy.After this quest with the parchments is complete, I intend to run away.

Carabel:Are you afraid that they'll lock you up again? I won't allow it, it's barbaric!

Selius:And you believe yourself to be an authority in this? A bit self-conceited, don't you think?

29.How About a Cart Ride?[23][]

Carabel:I know this all must be hard for you, but escaping won't solve anything.We could file complaints, organize demonstrations, matbe even sue the Astral Academy!

Selius:You forget that would require a lot money. Which I don't have.It'll be much easier if I leave before they discover I'm gone.

Rudolfus & Owl[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[24][]

Rudolfus:I could use the Owll to help me recover the parchments and complete my spellbook.

Owl:Owl is curious. How is the warlock cat going to use Owl?

Rudolfus:Dear Owl! Please call me Rudolfus. As for your question, I guess we'll find out as we go along!

5.Wizards Don't Tan[24][]

Owl:Owl would like to know if Rudolfus is a result of a magical experiment? Just like Owl?

Rudolfus:What if everything in the world is a result of magical experiments?

Owl:That would explain so much! Even the food at the Academy cafeteria!

9.To the Tundra![24][]

Rudolfus:Are there any precious materials inside you? Gold or platinum?

Owl:Owl is uncertain. But if Owl opens its beak really wide, then Rudolfus could take a look?

Rudolfus:At an opportune moment, certainly! We'll get back to that.

9.To the Tundra![24][]

Rudolfus:Are there any precious materials inside you? Gold or platinum?

Owl:Owl is uncertain. But if Owl opens its beak really wide, then Rudolfus could take a look?

Rudolfus:At an opportune moment, certainly! We'll get back to that.

13.Colder by the Hourglass[24][]

Owl:Owl has been informed that cats prey on birds.

Rudolfus:Think of me as a friendly warlock.It's what we do, not what we look like, that defines us.

Owl:Words of wisdom! Besides, there's maybe more to bite off in Owl than Rudolfus can chew!

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[24][]

Rudolfus:The more Death Magic the merrier.

Owl:Delightful! What Death spell should Owl learn?

Rudolfus:I was just delighted by the thought of completing my spellbook. For you, I recommend a book on how to spell pronouns.

21.The Hot Pools[24][]

Owl:The people who created never gave it a decent name. Can warlock cat think of anything?

Rudolfus:How about... "Me."

Owl:Owl sees what Rudolfus did there. "Me-Owl!" warlock cat is truly funny!

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[24][]

Rudolfus:I wonder if you could be sold. Or how much you'd be worth. You are a piece of artistic craftsmanship, no matter how odd in some particulars.

Owl:A nobleman once hired Owl to entertain his court. Owl was not paid after the indoor lightning show went haywire.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[24][]

Owl:Owl is sure there are enough parchments now. The spellbooks need to be sealed.

Rudolfus:Right you are, my metal-feathered friend. To the Academy!

Owl:But Rudolfus, what about the Master's Seal!Owl is unsure how to acquire that.

Rudolfus:Don't you worry your pretty little head about that.

Rudolfus & Nim[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[25][]

Rudolfus:Daring to go out and chase some spells for your book? Curious. Didn't figure you for the adventurous type. Didn't figure you for any type really... little servant.

Nim:Why don't you go lick yourself.

5.Wizards Don't Tan[25][]

Nim:How can a cat afford to go to the Astral Academy?

Rudolfus:It's... magic.

9.To the Tundra![25][]

Rudolfus:Not bad spellcasting, for a servant.

Nim:Not bad spellcasting, for someone who coughs up fur.

13.Colder by the Hourglass[25][]

Rudolfus:What was your name again? Dim? Him? Thin?


Rudolfus:Whim? Slim? Rim? Pin?


17.The Descent to Spring Valley[25][]

Nim:If my company doesn't suit you, why don't you just leave?

Rudolfus:You amuse me, and I like to be amused.

Nim:Something tells me you might amuse me back before we're done.

21.The Hot Pools[25][]

Rudolfus:A-ha-ha, those beasts die like mice.

Nim:You don't feel sorry for them?

Rudolfus:Cats, my friend... they generally don't.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[25][]

Nim:Are you a human turned cat, or a cat turned human? Did you get your dark magic that way?

Rudolfus:You ask silly questions, Nim. What will I do with my dark magics? Now there's a question.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[25][]

Rudolfus:Ready to head back to the Astral Academy?

Nim:Let's go.

Rudolfus & Amadeus[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[26][]

Rudolfus:I know you,you're a famous hero!what bring you to these parts?

Amadeus:Oh you know...parchments.For my spellbook.

Rudolfus:Hmm?Not t return them to the Astral Academy?

Amadeus:Weeeell...maybe some.

5.Wizards Don't Tan[26][]

Amadeus:So I noticed you play with the Death spells... ehh... that's interesting.

Rudolfus:What's interesting is that most people's first observation of me is that I'm a cat.

Amadeus:I guess I've seen too many strange things.

9.To the Tundra![26][]

Amadeus:So are you wha  they call a...A  cat? No, I was going for villain. Are you going to curse everyone after you graduate?

Rudolfus:Don't think so. Maybe I'll throw minor hexes at annoying people though.

13.Colder by the Hourglass[26][]

Rudolfus:What do ou need spells for?Aren't you a big-name wizard?

Amadeus:Well,I can conjure boxes.And sometimes,planks,when the mood strikes me.But you know,I'd liketo conjure bigger things.More impressive things.And maybe graduate.

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[26][]

Rudolfus:What's this heroism thing all about?Do youget paid well?

Amadeus:Not at all. People demand your help and attention and because it's Heroism,that means it's free.I did det a nice gift certificate card to an island resort last winter!Too bad I couldn't stay.

21.The Hot Pools[26][]

Amadeus:Have you thought about using Death spells for good?

Rudolfus:Once heroism gets you healthcare and a pension, sure.

Amadeus:Well, it's not all bad. You get to save people, and the kingdom, and the world.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[26][]

Rudolfus:I don't really understand the point of heroism.

Amadeus:I've done it for a while and I'm not sure I understand it either.

Rudolfus:All that altruism... it's strange and nonsensical.

Amadeus:But you get a fuzzy feel-good at the end. Sometimes.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[26][]

Amadeus:Alright, now it's just a journey back to the Astral Academy, and completing the Ritual of Sealing.It'll be lovely to return to that calm and relaxed atmosphere of theAcademy after all this trekking.

Rudolfus:It's a cakewalk from now on!

Rudolfus & Selius[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[27][]

Rudolfus:Hello, stranger. After the missing Parchments?

Selius:And what if I am.

Rudolfus:What indeed. We seem to be going the same way, stranger. So I hope we'll get along not step on each other's paws.

5.Wizards Don't Tan[27][]

Rudolfus:I'm intrigued, where did you learn magic.

Selius:...The Astral Academy?

Rudolfus:Oh,truly? I've never seen you around, must have been before my time.

Selius:Indeed. Must have been.

9.To the Tundra![27][]

Rudolfus:You wouldn't happen to know anything about that student locked up in the dungeons?

Selius:I would.I'd even say I'm quite intimate with him.And that would be beacuse I am him.

Rudolfus:Well, well. How exciting.

13.Colder by the Hourglass[27][]

Selius:I hope I'm not making you nervous, being a prisoner of the wizards after all.

Rudolfus:Me,nervous? Perish the thought!

Selius:Is there another reason why your fur is standing up?

Rudolfus:It's, pffth, just all these lighting spells in the air.

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[27][]

Selius:I find your death magic interesting - you're not afraid of death then?

Rudolfus:No, couldn't say I am.

Selius:Then what are you afraid of? What do you hve nightmares about?

Rudolfus:You're not very casual small talker, are you?

21.The Hot Pools[27][]

Selius:I'm sorry if my questions sound morbid. My interests just are... very particular.

Rudolfus:Mm I do see where you're coming from, I often have the same problem.It's not easy being a warlock, some people do take all that hexing very personally.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[27][]

Rudolfus:I am Rudolfus, by the way.

Selius:And I am Selius.

Rudolfus:Wasn't there a Prince with that name?

Selius:Oh yes there was.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[27][]

Rudolfus:So all this time I have been adventuring with a Prince! How charming.

Selius:It's only a title. Being third-born I'm not to receive much inheritance, and I'm left to my own devices.

Rudolfus:Well imagine being the runt of a little of six. Which I'm not,but you can imagine!

Owl & Nim[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[]

Owl:Introducing -Owl!

Nim:You're a peculiar construct.

Owl:Owl is in a hurry to find the nine parchments!Is the masked one here to partake of this mission?

Nim:Let's collaborate.

5.Wizards Don't Tan[]

Nim:Surprising.We're not dead.

Owl:The big boss maggot stood no chance against Owl and the masked one!Soon Owl will have all the spells the spells so Owl must buy a new festive outfir for the graduation ceremony.

Nim:Don't get your hopes up about that ceremony.Thieves don't get parties.

9.To the Tundra![]

Owl:Owl would like converse about that mask.


Owl:Owl thinks the masked one is hiding it because of a shy nature.Or an ugly face.

Nim:Let's talk about something else.

13.Colder by the Hourglass[]

Owl:Owl has made an observation.The wildife is more hostile than usual.

Nim:They are corrupted.

Owl:Does it bother the masked one to slaughter them like this?

Nim:Of course.I pretend it's a mercy.

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[]

Owl:Owl has noted that the masked one cleans,sweeps walkways and shovels snow at the Academy.Why?

Nim:The Academy is not cheap.

Owl:The masked one paying the tuition fees with chores?Owl received a scholarship.

Nim:How...nice for you.

21.The Hot Pools[]

Owl:Owl has no decent name,since its creator wizard gave it none.Thus Owl is requesting assistance from the masked one.Give Owl a name,please.

Nim:Crimson Zephyr.

Owl:If Owl will ever need a street cred pseudonym,Owl will contact the masked one.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[]

Owl:Only one paechment is missing!


Owl:Owl is having a hard time to contain its excitement as well!

29.How About a Cart Ride?[]

Owl:Owl believes now is the time for the Ritual of Sealing.

Nim:To the Astral Academy.

Owl:After the ritual Owl and masked one will be great wizards with lots and lots of spells.

Nim:And will flee before the wizards figure out what happened.

Owl& Amadeus[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[28][]

Amadeus:Hello, are you evil by any chance?

Owl:Owl is not sure it understands the question. Why is the Wizard looking for evil Owls?

Amadeus:I'm just worried I might have to destroy you if it turns out you're an experiment gone horribly wrong.

Owl:Owl is not sure why it was built. But it hasn't committed any so far.

5.Wizards Don't Tan[28][]

Amadeus:Wasn't that properly traumatizing.

Owl:Owl doesn't understand what is so terrifying about a giant shrimp.

9.To the Tundra![7][]

Amadeus:Wizards like to fiddle with things and conduct important experiments. Sometimes it's open heart surgery on themselves, other times it's to build... Owls.

Owl:Owl has never seen a surgery! Could Amadeus show me? Some day?

Amadeus:No, I'm not that kind of wizard.

13.Colder by the Hourglass[28][]

Owl:Owl would like to know who created it. Does Amadeus know any mighty wizards with the hobby of building self aware  machine Owls?

Amadeus:Well there is one I can think of. A real loner. Lives alone, far away.But they don't like chit-chat so why would they create something so talkative?

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[7][]

Amadeus:Do you happen to have an off-switch? just in case?

Owl:Maybe it's the red button in Owl's back!Owl can't reach it,but Amadeus can. Owl is curious to see if the creator wizards included a self-destruct mechanism!

Amadeus:Maybe I shouldn't press that.

21.The Hot Pools[7][]

Owl:The wizard who created Owl never gave it a fitting name. Is it possible for Amadeus to come up with something?

Amadeus:Try to learning to speak in first person first.You know, I am Owl, and so forth.

Owl:So the wizard can not come up with anything?

Amadeus:Call me you!Not the wizard. Of course, I am the wizard!But as a person, I'd like to be you.Not an Owl though!

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[7][]

Amadeus:Repeat after me. Say I.

Owl:Owls says: I! Is this some kind of game? Owl loves games!

Amadeus:Nevermind, you witless golem.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[28][]

Owl:It is time to return to the Academy. Owl and Amadeus need to complete the Ritual of Sealing.

Amadeus:Right you are. Let's hope the journey back is less exciting.

Owl & Selius[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[29][]

Owl:Owl has never seen such a pale human. Or maybe it is a ghost! Please don't eat Owl, mister Ghost !

Selius:I never heard of a ghost that devoured mechanical owls. So you should be safe for now.

5.Wizards Don't Tan[29][]

Owl:What should Owl call the Ghost Wizard Boy?

Selius:My name is Selius. And yours?

Owl:Owl has no name... But maybe Selius could give Owl one!

Selius:How about... Owly McOwlface?

9.To the Tundra![29][]

Owl:Owl is curious. What kind of magic does the Selius wield?

Selius:You could say I have some connection with nightmares.

Owl:That explain why Selius's magic smells so evil. Like shadows and fear. And bedwetting.

13.Colder by the Hourglass[29][]

Owl:Tell Owl about dreaming and dreams.

Selius:The world of dreams and nightmares is a magical place. Sometimes you can slip into that world, or pull something out of it.

Owl:Like mighty wizard pull coins out of on ear? Owl is amazed!

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[29][]

Owl:Owl has a question. Ghost wizard can make all kinds of nightmares come to life?

Selius:I think so. As long as it's someone's nightmare.

Owl:Owl has heard that many humans have nightmares about running around naked in workplace.

Selius:I have yet to encounter that one.

21.The Hot Pools[29][]

Owl:Could Selius... teach Owl to dream? Even a little?

Selius:I have no such power.

Owl:Owl has to keep practicing then. Owl is already really good at keeping its eyes closed tight. That makes targeting hard sometimes.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[29][]

Owl:Why summon only nightmares? Why not nice dreams like balloons and sandwiches?

Selius:It's a lot more difficult  to conjure happy thoughts, rather than the sad ones.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[29][]

Selius:I'm going to run away from the Academy very soon, I'd like it if you kept quiet about it.

Owl:Oh! An escape! is excited! Owl can cover Ghost Wizard's tracks! Maybe will build a Ghost Wizard doll and walk with it in the garden. No one will notice!

Selius:Uhm, yes, you... do that.

Nim & Amadeus[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[30][]

Amadeus:Hello don't mind me, I'm just here looking for some lost parchments.

Nim:So am l.

Amadeus:Interesting mask you've got there.

Nim:... thanks.

5.Wizards Don't Tan[30][]

Amadeus:Why are you looking for these parchments?

Nim:Myself. Personal use.

Amadeus:And do you plan on becoming some sort of Lord of Evil with them?

Nim:I just want to complete my spellbook.

9.To the Tundra![30][]

Amadeus:It's good we're on the same page! I want to complete my spellbook too. Those Academy wizards are pretty stingy when it comes to passing courses. They never did allow me to learn that fireball spell.


13.Colder by the Hourglass[30][]

Amadeus:You know who I am right?

Nim:I really don't.

Amadeus:What, really? You don't recognize Amadeus the Wizard? Hero of Trine?

Nim:Oh. I thought you'd be taller.

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[30][]

Amadeus:What's your story? Or name, to start with?


Amadeus:Nim with the mask. What's under the mask?

Nim:My face.

21.The Hot Pools[30][]

Amadeus:Are you horribly disfigured so you need a mask?

Nim:... no?

Amadeus:It just makes me curious. Are you sure you re not going to be a Lord of Evil?

Nim:Shouldn't think so.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[30][]

Amadeus:Thank you so very much for being of such great assistance on this journey.

Nim:You too.

Amadeus:I can almost feel that potentially found Fireball parchment.

Nim:That's... optimistic of you.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[30][]

Amadeus:Well, we have all these spells. Why don't we head to the Academy and try to get them illegally into our spellbooks?

Nim:Sounds like a plan.

Nim & Selius[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[31][]

Nim:You study at the Astral Academy? I've never seen you.

Selius:But I've seen you, cleaning the corridors. You're Nim the Cleaner.

5.Wizards Don't Tan[31][]

Nim:You said you've seen me. Where and how?

Selius:In the dungeons.May we meet again.Until now.

9.To the Tundra![31][]

Nim:Why did they lock you up?

Selius:I had... problems with magic.

Nim:Are you a werewolf?

Selius:No, I'm not.

13.Colder by the Hourglass[31][]

Nim:You know my name. But I don't know yours.

Selius:It's Selius. Or,as the wizards have called me, the Nightmare Prince.

Nim:An interesting title.

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[31][]

Nim:Are you a real prince?

Selius:By birth. But I'm not not sure my family wants it widely known.

Nim:So... they forsook you for your magic?

Selius:In a manner of speaking.

21.The Hot Pools[31][]

Selius:Why the mask, ifI may ask? Is it some kind of a talisman?

Nim:Where I come from, magically gifted people are give masks.Magic should be foe everyone's benefit, not for a single person.It's called the Face of the Wise, and it is the role I am to play in life.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[31][]

Selius:So is Nim your real name, or is that the character you play?

Nim:It's my name.

Selius:Do you always have to wear the mask? Is it forever?

Nim:No... It just makes me feel safe.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[31][]

Selius:It's been a pleasure traveling with you.I hope we both come out of this journey alive.

Nim:Likewise. And thank you.

Amadeus & Selius[]

2.The Sand in Your Shoes[32][]

Amadeus:Aren't you pale student.

Selius:And aren't you a little old to be a student.

Amadeus:Me,old? No, I'm quite young in face!My hair is just... magiclly altered. Weeell, I'm approaching middle age, but it's how young I feel that counts!

5.Wizards Don't Tan[7][]

Amadeus:Which student were you again? Cornelius? Gislan? Rudolfus?

Selius:Cornelius Crownsteed is a prattling ninny and Gislan is a girl in a green dress.

Amadeus:Well all you youngsters seem so alike to me.

Selius:Rudolfus is a cat. He has a tail.

9.To the Tundra![32][]

Amadeus:It's really difficult being an important hero, you know. It keep you so busy, you can't really remember everyone's name and face. I can hardly show my face in town without getting surrounded by admirers!

Selius:What heroic feats did you perform? Changed the color your beard?

13.Colder by the Hourglass[32][]

Amadeus:For your information, I am Amadeus!Hero of Trine! Amagnficent wizard!

Selius:And your magnificent magic is...

Amadeus:...boxes and planks!

Selius:How very lucky for you.

17.The Descent to Spring Valley[7][]

Selius:Your soul will be mine!

Amadeus:Excuse me?

Selius:Uhh, I don'ts know, I sort of phased out.

Amadeus:Well it's better if you don't fall asleep in the middle of our quest.

21.The Hot Pools[32][]

Amadeus:I can't believe the fireball spell still eludes me! Did you get what you wanted?

Selius:I'm unsure if it's possible to get what I want in this mortal coil.

Amadeus:Mortal coil? Is that a new pell parchment? I really should keep up with the latest developments in spell research.

25.A Holiday in the Highlands[7][]

Selius:The shadows will devour you!

Amadeus:Excuse me what? No one is going to deflower me!

Selius:Oh, I must have fallen asleep again.

Amadeus:That is an incredibly dangerous talent for dreaming you have there.

29.How About a Cart Ride?[7][]

Amadeus:I am foever taunted by those fireballs. Come along then, student,let's get you back to the Acadeny.

Selius:To be fair, I've no intention of stay there.

Amadeus:Oh, Well, I'm sure you'll be fine, whatever you decide to do next!



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  9. 9.0 9.1 9.2 9.3 9.4 9.5 9.6 9.7 [9]
  10. 10.0 10.1 10.2 10.3 10.4 10.5 10.6 10.7
  11. 11.0 11.1 11.2 11.3 11.4 11.5 11.6 11.7 [10]
  12. 12.0 12.1 12.2 12.3 12.4 12.5 12.6 12.7 [11]
  13. 13.0 13.1 13.2 13.3 13.4 13.5 13.6 13.7 [12]
  14. 14.0 14.1 14.2 14.3 [13]
  15. 15.0 15.1 15.2 15.3 15.4 [14]
  16. 16.0 16.1 16.2 16.3 16.4 16.5 16.6 16.7 [15]
  17. 17.0 17.1 17.2 17.3 17.4 17.5 17.6 17.7 [16]
  18. 18.0 18.1 18.2 18.3 18.4 18.5 18.6 18.7 [17]
  19. 19.0 19.1 19.2 19.3 19.4 19.5 19.6 19.7 [18]
  20. 20.0 20.1 20.2 20.3 20.4 20.5 20.6 20.7 [19]
  21. 21.0 21.1 21.2 21.3 21.4 21.5 21.6 21.7
  22. 22.0 22.1 22.2 22.3 22.4 22.5 22.6 22.7 [20]
  23. 23.0 23.1 23.2 23.3 23.4 23.5 23.6 23.7 [21]
  24. 24.0 24.1 24.2 24.3 24.4 24.5 24.6 24.7 24.8 [22]
  25. 25.0 25.1 25.2 25.3 25.4 25.5 25.6 25.7 [23]
  26. 26.0 26.1 26.2 26.3 26.4 26.5 26.6 26.7 [24]
  27. 27.0 27.1 27.2 27.3 27.4 27.5 27.6 27.7 [25]
  28. 28.0 28.1 28.2 28.3 [26]
  29. 29.0 29.1 29.2 29.3 29.4 29.5 29.6 29.7 [27]
  30. 30.0 30.1 30.2 30.3 30.4 30.5 30.6 30.7 [28]
  31. 31.0 31.1 31.2 31.3 31.4 31.5 31.6 31.7 [29]
  32. 32.0 32.1 32.2 32.3 [30]