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Anastasia the Lich is a character in Nine Parchments, serving as the game's main antagonist.

Profile[ | ]

Weak Against: -

Immune To: -

An Undead wizarding student Lich with a grudge. She seems to be behind the unfortunate explosions at the Astral Academy Library and Arcane Repository. She's capable of casting various elemental spells and wields a sinister scythe for melee combat.

Plot[ | ]

Background[ | ]

I went to my grave never completing my spell book because the wizards never allowed me to graduate! But now I will take my vengeance upon these halls! Soon the Academy will be nothing but ruins!
~ Anastasia's rant which provided insight about her past.

In addition of echoing rants Cornelius and co. heard as they fought their way through Anastasia's forces who overran Astral Academy, the conversation between Rudolfus, Nim, and Selius provided some insights about her backstory: In life, she was an ambitious student of Astral Academy and lone wolf who determined to have more Death magic spells in her disposal. Despite her promising potential to be one of greatest witches, the teachers at Astral Academy saw darkness in her heart and denied her of the chance to graduate, let alone receiving one last spell added into her spell book, leaving Anastasia embittered. Wanting to prove them wrong, Anastasia began experimenting with spells she stole from Arcane Repository which included mutating wildlife by imbuing elemental into their very being only to fail to take necessary precautions which would've prevent both her untimely demise and magical waste disaster everyone struggled to contain to the day. Unable to find peace in death, let alone realizing how her ambitions brought her to dark path, Anastasia's soul became restless and vowed vengeance against Astral Academy.

Sometime prior to the events of the game, a fiasco conducted by a dead-raising warlock in the Vault of the Artifacts in the Academy saw Anastasia returned to the land of the living. She wasted no time to turn herself into a lich so as to make herself unstoppable while setting out to put her former school into the ground.

Nine Parchments[ | ]

The Astral Academy shall suffer for never allowing me to seal my final spell!
~ Anastasia's echoing rant as Cornelius and co. return to the ruined academy

While unseen, Anastasia began the first wave of her attack on Astral Academy by blowing up its Arcane Repository, scattering nine of spell parchments stored within to different corners of the world. This in turn, led Cornelius and co. to discreetly set out to retrieve them in hopes of being able to keep the parchments for themselves. As if the presence of monsters within the vicinity of whereabouts of each missing spell parchment didn't make things easy for Astral Academy students, they had to deal creatures mutated by the ongoing magical waste disaster. By the time Cornelius and co. returned, much of the Academy was in ruins and had been infested by Anastasia's forces, with their leader's echoing rants could be occasionally heard.

Cornelius and co. eventually confronted Anastasia herself, now a towering lich who have bonded her very being to six elemental statues placed at her chosen battleground. The fight against their fallen senior was difficult as the statues' magic rendered her too resilient to everything they had, even with newly recovered spell parchments in their disposal. Still, Cornelius and co. persevered, and they finally struck Anastasia down after destroying her elemental statues.

In the aftermath of her assault, Professor Butternut praised Cornelius and co. for their successes, though he wisely stored the recovered parchments for safekeeping and dismiss them since they still have much to learn.